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Snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea (OSAS) can, after prior interdisciplinary examination by the sleep specialist, be treated with innovative snore splints (protrusion splints). These individual tooth racks, which have been produced by laboratory techniques, push the lower jaw, tongue and soft palate gently forward, tightening the tissue and muscles of the upper pharynx. The lungs are again supplied with sufficient oxygen. So you and your partner can sleep more calmly and restoratively.


For many years, our practice has been working interdisciplinary with pulmonologists, ENT specialists and renowned sleep laboratories. We are certified by the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS).


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Madam colleague, dear colleague,


As a certified member of the DGZS, I would like to offer you this subarea of ​​dentistry as a transfer order for your patients. Your patients will be treated exclusively as part of the transfer order. The treatments are carried out according to current scientific knowledge and strict international standards, such as the guidelines for the dental treatment of sleep apnea of ​​the DGZS and the quality guidelines of the German Society for Sleep Medicine. After completing the treatment, you will receive a detailed report of the therapy.


I thank you in advance for your trust and I look forward to a good cooperation.




Elisabeth Weitz



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