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Since almost 30 years dental implants have provided the opportunity to replace teeth. In the meantime, the quality of this scientifically established technology has reached a standard that comes very closure to nature. Because like its natural model, the implant inserted in the jaw also takes on the functions of a dental root. It forms the abutment for the dental prostheses mounted on it later, such as a crown.


Whether as the “foundation” for the replacement of a single lost tooth (e.g. also after sports injuries), or as a retaining element for a prosthesis that is firmly rooted in the jaw, an implant provides crucial advantages: complete and permanent replacement as well as the feeling of having your own teeth again.


Treatment must be very carefully planned. Extensive x-ray diagnostic surveys, measuring templates and - among toothless patients - the analysis of jaw & soft tissue conditions is indispensable. Thanks to modern anaesthetic agents, the implantation of the implant is completely painless.


After approx. 100 days the healed implant can be provided with a crown. Implants are root-shaped screws made of highly pure titanium or ceramics. Maximum body compatibility is guaranteed.


Due to poor blood circulation, smokers are subject to a higher risk that the implant will not be accepted. But even these uncertainties can already be eliminated in advance through an in-depth examination of all relevant factors and appropriate advice.



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