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Your have never seen your teeth like this!

Digital Dentistry

Increased precision and high level of safety


Complete and permanent replacement


Root canal treatment


Examination of health status


Five points characterise our work

Periodontal Medicine

Tooth loss is no fate

Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

MAX14 Dentists - The dental practice in the Maximilian Street in Munich

Dear Patients, welcome to the homepage of our dental practice. 


In our 10 air-conditioned treatment rooms of our practice in the heart of Munich, we offer you a trustworthy and calm atmosphere, in order to respond to your individual wishes and needs. Our goal is your well-being and a safe feeling during your consultation and treatment.


The team of specialist dentists and dental hygienists puts a lot of value into the preservation of your own teeth. With clearly structured therapy concepts we guarantee a thorough assessment, diagnostics and subsequent treatment. Accompanying this, you will be advised by our dental hygienists in the field of prophylaxis.


If a more intensive treatment is necessary, we provide you with the highest dental level. We use state-of-the-art restorative materials, all-ceramic restorations, gentle and painless treatment methods. Our work is based on our claim to the best possible aesthetics and quality.


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